Thursday, December 15, 2016

Duck Duck Goose

Slight regrets not using Uber Eats when they first launched. They now charge $5 delivery fee (which they didn't around 2 weeks ago, since I wanted to order something, but my card didn't go through...) Still pretty sure the $5 delivery fee only came about recently. Please use my code guys $10 off foood: 

Crispy Miso Cured Egg with sencha smoked tofu, avocado, nori and sesame dressing on a warm brown rice, kale and umeboshi salad-$17

Duck Duck Goose is literally around the corner of uni, but no time to go during uni. The food arrived within 30min of ordering, just the guy didn't walk onto the campus grounds, so I had to go out a bit...Was surprised that this was piping hot when I got it, like too hot to place on your lap. The dish itself was pretty filling. The egg wasn't really crispy, but I guess probably from the condensation from the takeaway container. The tofu had a weird taste and was really firm in texture. I love green tea, but it was weirdly smoked in this one. The avo was nice and creamy. I really loved the flavour of the dressing and the salad. Probably a bit too over seasoned in the rice, but that helped to cover the weird flavour in the tofu.

I think Uber Eats is good especially if you don't have time to go the a particular cafe/restaurant and it's out of the way, but you still want to try their food. It's never going to be as good as the restaurant since it's not on a plate, so presentation is a bit dodgy, but at least the flavours are there.

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  1. <3 the flavours look so good, and it's vegetarian too!