Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017: Charcoal Grey

The theme of my year.

For those who've seen my Kikki-K diaries, I just wanted to point out each diary colour foreshadows my year. This year is bleak af. Not completely black because that's where holidays to try cure the heart comes in. The inevitable doom was not 100 but 1000% confirmed. Actually, it was even worse than I expected in terms of what I can and can't do. Typical of them to give only 3 days notice or less for stuff. What do people do if they don't study or work full time? Even hobbies, exercise, cooking etc all cost some for of money...I'm really scared about my brain going to rot, and my clinic skills are definitely going to go down the drain. All that hard work for nothing, and is just pushing us towards another step of failure before the final yr of placements hits. i.e. it's all rigged against the couple of us.

The fireworks looked pretty good on tv, if you exclude the super crap broadcast and forgetting the countdown, the lag and some bad quality cameras. Really loved how the colours and shapes of the fireworks was so in sync with the music. Sort of made me want to see it in person, but ceebs crowds.

Thanks Dandelion and Happy Apple for dropping by yesterday! Really appreciate your thoughtfulness, and yay muffins :) (Soz, didn't take a photo of them).

I have somehow lost heart to finish all these draft food posts...

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  1. You're welcome :) And I guess it will be different to last year, but a new experience isn't always necessarily going to be bad.