Sunday, December 18, 2016


My page views have increased at least 4x since September, not sure why, but tbh idm people reading my rants. 

- Slowly getting over this heart ache
- I emotionally  died 3 times: 25th Nov, 29th Nov, 2nd Dec
- 1 day of crying=age 1 yr. Actually look 10 yrs older/more dead. Well I looked like a teen before, so I guess I look more my age...? Slow quiet sobbing throughout the day is worst than1 big burst of tears like when you were a kid...
- Slowly letting the world know, trying to avoid awkward convos
- It's as if you're running first in a race at the olympics then face plant at the end just before the finish line and end up coming last, so close yet so far=💔
- Still want to strangle someone
- Why me
- Why that particular task. it was a practical but I actually didn't even do or say anything. Didn't even fail theory. I would rather fail theory cause then that would mean I didn't know my stuff, but failing that stupid worksheet which wasn't even a proper prac is just plain stupid. Not even a real exam like a normal theory or normal verbal prac exam
- Still pissed
- Still think it's 99% rigged. Feel free to pm me. I am happy to say why
- Miracles do happen, but I feel not in this case
- I guess I'll be prepared for 'real life' events and future heart breaks
- Less than half the people are from the original yr, so obviously I'm not the only one experiencing this before...
- If this happened at the end of 5th yr, it will be like running, face planting, then people running on top of you so you suffocate and then physically die
- Next year isn't as empty as I first anticipated (hopefully)
- People can judge as much as they want, slowly becoming desensitised
- Better still have a job after if I'm going on hols
- End of yr retail is crazy, but it's a lot better if people are nice and willing to spend
- Need to stop sulking at home
- Should be happy for good physical health (slowly emotionally recovering), but good health shouldn't be taken fir granting 
- Diary colour foreshadowed my year
- 2016 started off good and went downhill and underground towards the end...
- Still haven't had time to finish off 2016 21st parties pt 2
- So many people getting engaged/married #foreveralone

Finally went on a Christmas the other day. TripView tells you it's a xmas bus, so was excited for my trip home.

'Santa' themed bus

there are 6 types, interesting

Pan fried salmon cured with rooibos tea (red tea i think), spinach, pomegranate, cauliflower, potatoes, mushrooms, pomegranate, almonds and other stuff, plus citrusy dressing and orange/mint flavoured water

Thanks so much Dandelion for dinner! Really appreciate your thoughtfulness 💜 (the red heart disappeared...). Super delicious and filling. Good times catching up, and congrats on your promotion! Helps to get out of the house and stop sulking.

Uncle bought chocolates from Chile

Super expensive but nice to try chocolates from different parts of the world. It's nice but can't really tell what makes it different from other chocolates. It's not that creamy, but still sweet even for dark choc. Around 70c per piece. Got home late so some chocs were already taken...

Some people are just over achievers #goals, but I know my brain isn't capable of such knowledge. I really do love hearing people's life stories.

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