Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Black Star Pastry

Sometime I think we take tables and chairs for granted. For those who haven't been, the original Newton store had stools for tables and chairs. Here in Rosebury there's about a million times the space, with ample seating and not crowded. Parking this side of town is a bit better as well.

Shirley Quiche: mushrooms and herbs

I was in the area to pick up a Messina cake, and decided to try go Black Star down the street in Rosebury. There is so much space in here and not just 5 or so chairs like in Newtown. So spacious and kind of an industrial decor feel inside. The egg was quite fluffy inside, not too dense with super thin and flaky pastry. Parts of it was too salty, but loved the super flavourful herbs and juicy mushrooms. It took me forever to decide which quiche to try. There were so many savoury options for lunch as well as heaps of salads. Maybe I should make another detour here for other lunch options.


Well what do you know, was in the area and we decided to drop here for lunch. There's new pies like kangaroo, mussels, and of course the lamb, my very first Black Star savoury item, which still remains one of my favourite pies. Yes, and I did end up getting salad. 

Salad of the Day (large)-$8.50, Kangaroo pie-$9

Salad was delicious, not too overly dressed or oily. Loved the addition of the currents, but would have liked some crunch, and a tad bit more creaminess from the goats cheese. Decent serving size and loved the freshness.


Kangaroo pie caught my eye because, well, it's kangaroo. This one actually tasted quite authentic, just like how kangaroo tastes like, similar to kangaroo sausages, but since it's mince here, a lot softer compared to actual, lean, red meat kangaroo. It's an acquired taste and my friend didn't like it. Pie is a bit smaller than my last pie a year or two ago from Newtown Black Star. Pastry could be more flaky and buttery (even though that's unhealthy), but it was still super thin at the bottom, and easy to cut into.

spot the Lorraine quiche

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  1. The Shirley quiche and salad looks delicious! The mushrooms looked very plump :)