Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

I've been to one to many burger places this year, but finally I was at Redfern for this half day placement which I have been waiting the whole yr for just because I would be in the area to grab a burger after.

There are free fries for Fatties, but after explaining to the staff and showing those FB posts, she didn't give me free fries, and only explained the other deals they have on other days. I gave up so just ordered the burger. Later when I was getting a glass of water, she said I could get free fries. 

yes pink

Decided to opt for a simple burger rather than the ones which are fully loaded with everything. Would have liked to try them but I know I wouldn't finish it (or if I did, then I would just feel way too bloated/greasy feeling). The patty was quite simple in terms of flavour, some crunch from the onion rings. Sauce had less spice compared to your bqq bottled sauce which I found I liked, more sweet and less thick here. Bread was the standout, particularly since they make and bake their rolls in house. You can definitely taste the freshness in it, more of a bread roll so super soft and not too heavy when eating it compared to a brioche (also felt healthier as well, but we all know burgers aren't healthy).

Chips here are thrice cooked and wow, you can actually tell the difference. They aren't greasy or oily when you touch them. Super fluffy with some crunch, and loved that they kept the skin on. I also prefer these thick cut chips as you get more texture from the potato rather than biting into something filled with air inside. I also liked that they only added a tiny bit of salt on top, so you get more flavour from the aioli rather than just salt. The chip itself is a bit plain without the aioli. Served in a cute little basket, but the chips were a generous portion. 

Will be back to try their donuts and shakes-they all look so good! I have a sweet tooth, but even with these sort of stuff, I wouldn't be able to finish it.

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  1. I never realised there was so much around Redfern! Maybe I should hang out there after class someday.