Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bowery Lane

Birthday celebrations with some of the extended family are the best! Exploring new places in Sydney, and when you have more people, that means you can order more as well, hehe. Bowery Lane is ' inspired by industrial-era New York, plating upscale Modern Australian cuisine.'


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The restaurant filled up very quickly from 6.30 to 7.30pm. Food came out relatively quick. We opted to share a few dishes. Service was attentive initially but towards the night when it got quite busy even on a Wednesday night, it was hard to catch their attention.

Slow cooked lamb shoulder, ancient grains, chermoula, mustard cream

This was the crowd favourite, and I highly recommend. Lamb was tender and falling off the bone, with a decent portion for the price. It was accompanied with some texture from the grains and chickpeas. You could really taste the lamb flavour rather than a salty sauce. The sauce was a bit lemony, and helped to keep the flavour of the lamb more distinct.

Crisp pork belly, cider baked apple, quince paste, upland cress-$59

The menu didn't say crackling pork although we were hoping for it, so the skin was super tough to cut into considering it's still meant to be crisp. The portion was also smaller for the price you pay. Pork was average, cooked well and not too salty either. Loved how they gave you a whole apple which was super soft. Would have liked more sauce and and the quince paste (which kind of tasted like apple). 

Spring bean spinach risotto, lemon creme fraiche-$26

Another favourite from the table. Super creamy risotto without the richness compared to other risottos since they used fresh greens, and creme fraiche.

hand picked spanner crab: roasted fish bone dressing, macadamia, coastal plants-$23

The crab was nicely seasoned with quite a unique sauce-slightly sweet and acidic. Could also taste the sweetness from the crab itself. Loved how it came with bread to mop up some of the sauce.

New York Cheeseburger, angus beef, house made ketchup, fries-$23

The burger was below par for the price you pay. It reminded me of Maccas but more refined. At least the meat was pink inside. The bread was a bit too toasted, so parts of it was actually hard. Fries were also pretty average, and didn't have much potato inside even for french fries....

They also charge $25 for cakege for the table, which is quite expensive for a restraurant (excluding fine dining as they either don't let you bring a cake for charge $5pp....). I guess it's the memories which count, which makes up for the cakeage. (These photos were uploaded before my phone died...) They did give 2 sparkler candles which were fun, since if you didn't blow them out completely, the spark would reignite the wick and make a flame again. Half of us continuously ate throughout the day so wasn't really hungry when dinner came. I think these dishes plus a rich cake which I brought were just enough to make everyone full. If we were all starving and didn't have dessert, would probably needed to order 2 more dishes.
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  1. That simple square of pork belly was really aesthetically pleasing.