Saturday, June 7, 2014

totally freaking out after yesterday.

saw that we have two 8am prac exams. the earliest i've been to uni is 7.30am for an 8:45am, since that day there was good traffic, and i want to get there early to avoid being stressed. but 8am puts a lot more pressure on you to get there on time-like what if that day another car flips in the harbour bridge tunnel? and then creating 10km+ queues and 30min+ delays. the other day i was late 45min to uni, luckily it wasn't one of my labs.

then the visn lec told us the exam will be hard (and the online quizzes already are already hard D=), but what's worse is that she told us not to study off her notes but to study off the textbook. why couldn't she tell us earlier ? her notes are so overwhelming already. i know i won't be able to know everything in time (even though this is my last exam). 2cm worth of notes, 6 slides per page, double sided, then there's the tute worksheets etc...i don't know how i'm going to memorise the notes, let alone the textbook. i just hope i pass. right now, i'm just passing...

well she brought us cake from Alexander's Patisserie. banana and chocolate cake.

the banana tasted a bit like banana flavoured stuff, even though you could see real banana bits in it. the icing layer was more creamy but still had integrity/stiffness to it. it wasn't too sweet. the chocolate cake was like any other chocolate cake. but wow, it's the thought that counts. i guess she brought this to "cheer us up" / de stress up a bit after saying you can't pass the exam by rote learning (even though most of it's anatomy, which you have to learn by rote). the only other time a teacher brought cake to class was in yr 12 English....also this led last time brought us biscuits during the tute...and i think it's weird how she doesn't drive/has no car...

Fortnum and Mason dark chocolate and macadamia biscuits

from my uncle's friend who goes back to London to visit his parents often (but lives/works in HK). a quick google search told me these aren't cheap. i've handed quite a lot of branded biscuits like crabtree and evelyn biscuits before, but none from this brand. even though i'm not supposed to have eat this type of stuff...still excited to try it. there's only 16 biscuits inside, which is 37.5g per biscuit, i.e. super heavy biscuit filled with deliciousness. next time he goes to the UK, i shall request some more branded biscuits hehe. 

ahhhh, need to study. hoping to pass. and it would be good to get a credit (since we have to get a credit by end of 3rd yr), but i've had no time to study this semester, so i guess i'll be content with a pass (and no supps. ohhh, for the supp exam for visn, she makes it an oral test D= so please no supps for that-can't bluff your way through talking if you actually don't know the answer, unlike writing where you write random stuff and hope to get 1/2 a mark.

i guess it's good how there's no optom once a month at work-i can automatically take a saturday off without asking for one (: study!

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