Thursday, June 5, 2014

Home Thai

i wasn't originally planning to go out to dinner even though my uncle is here, my mum didn't want me to either because even she knows how screwed i am for my exams. but then i ended up staying behind at uni to practice stuff, so it was kind of dinner time when i left. so decided i would only allow myself one dinner out, and will skip sunday brunch at surry hills, another dinner sunday night and public holiday eating adventures with my uncle. it's ok, i can go another time.

we went to Home Thai on sussex, which is the original home thai, since the original restaurants are always a tad better than the other later ones (as you'll see later). i guess my cousin has eaten almost everywhere. whenever i suggest a place to go, she always has an opinion on it. 

can't book for home thai, but once we got there someone was leaving (: it's one of those one and a half level type of restaurants, similar to Jamie's Italian. they're both not spacious sitting with diminish light. portions here are generally smaller, but that's why the prices are cheaper than other places. i guess with smaller portions, it allows you to try more variety without spending too much money. service was good and food came out super quickly. we left around fish and there was still quite a big line outside waiting. not going to elaborate on food, since this is my "break" from studying...

fresh spring roll-$9.90

this was so good! not your typical oily spring roll. the sauce has a good balance of flavours (:

pad thai with chicken-$12.50, red curry with duck-$14.90

this pad thai was average, not too special. they mixed the chilli flakes in so it was spicy for me =/ t felt like there was more chicken than actual noodles. the red curry w/ duck didn't have a lot of duck, which is expected for this price, but it had fresh figs with it. the spices here was good, it was spicy for me though ):

stir fried chinese broccoli with crispy pork belly-$15.50

yay crispy pork (: more meat here than it looks. not too overly seasoned in oyster sauce, and the chilli here wasn't chilli (:

deep fried snapper with pineapple-$35

this spiciness made the red curry not spicy, it was cray hot. deep fried fish is something we never order, but my uncle knows my mum never deep fries anything at home, so we ordered this instead of steamed. the fish itself it pretty good, and the sauce here had a nice touch of sweetness, but the chilli was too overpowering for me. it smelt so good though (:

their thai milk tea here is not as sweet compared to other ones i've had, and it's more milkier here. i guess i like the consistency here, but i do kind of like that sweet thai milk tea flavour...

went to holy basil for dessert for their fried ice cream. whenever my cous takes my uncle out, she tries to go places where hk doesn't have a lot of/none at all, so fried ice cream is definitely one of those items.

fried ice cream take 2 

holy basil on liverpool street is probably more than 2 times bigger than canley heights. we got there after 8 and it was still packed. so since this isn't the original store, i think there are too many orders here as well, so this ice cream was a bit of a disappointment compared to my first time. here the plate is longer and there's more sauce (not that i'm complaining), but if you've all eaten with me before, you'd know i'll whip out my phone/camera to take a picture of the food asap. well i did here, but if you look closely, you can see it's already melting when it came to us. obviously the ice cream isn't cold enough. last time i remember taking photos of it, with it, then my parents took photos of it, and it was well over 5 mins before we started digging into it, and the ice cream was still hard. this once was too soft and melted too quickly, and the filo pastry wasn't as crispy. this was nice, but it was perfect at canley heights. so if you've never had it before-have it at the original restaurant. i think i like Laos Thai better since it's not as spicy...also had a sip of their durian shake-nope, still tasted funky. apparently i used to love durian when i was a kid...

the back of someone's eye. this took me well over 8 hours. it doesn't look like it but it did ): i probably end up getting 5/10, and it doesn't weigh a lot either.... =/

Kumar from Masterchef S3!

there was a student cookl=book launch yesterday, and i allowed myself half an hour to get free food, which ended up being an hour...they let you taste test some of the recipes submitted my students, and they get published in the uni cookbook which is pretty nice. ate so much stuff and got quite a lot of cans of this ice tea in a can of this brand i've never tried before. it was too sweet to be considered green tea imo. Devon cafe also came, and showed us how to make their "Deveon Magic Muffins." ended up trying half a banana/pandan/coconut muffin. it was super soft and moist, and their secret kaya jam was so good, not too overly sweet but flavourful. it's made with coconut cream as well, so it's not as buttery as your other normal muffins. they also gave out free vouchers-totes regret not getting least i stayed back another half an hour, or else i wouldn't have tried their muffins (:

today and yesterday i ate so many things i wasn't supposed to eat =/

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  1. The snapper looks so colourful!

    Also, my parents dislike dim lighting at restaurants. I don't mind it too much.