Friday, June 27, 2014

Mad Spuds Cafe and Stix Desserts

onto a lighter note, i did go out after exams to eat, although i don't think i deserved to.

went to mad spuds spontaneously, since it's on the same road as stix desserts (and also everything else like messina, four ate five etc...)

i think mads spuds is nice, but for the price, i think the portions were a tiny bit undersized. we shared 3 plates between 4 people and it was just filling, but i think it's because it's potato=carbs, and also heaps of cheese.

mad spud stack-$15, moroccan chicken salad-$12, little piggy spud-$15 

look at that stack! it's actually taller irl haha

the stack is quite a small portion, but it's really delicious! love the potato cake (: the potato skin is like a thick potato chip without the salt but had so much crunch. the cous cous salad was alright, quite a lot for $12. it says $15 on the online menu...but on the menu there it's $12. also had a spud, since if you're at a potato cafe you have to have a potato. i think this is bit over priced, $15 for a potato with 3 different cheeses and some bacon. it came with side of coleslaw and sour cream. the potato was a nice  fluffy potato (:

finally visited the infamous stix desserts! yay for getting 3 stamps on the loyalty card. i think it'll take me until the end of my degree to complete the card...

the place was actually smaller than i thought

i tried spekulatius, apple pie, panna cotta, salted caramel, pistachio, blood orange sorbet

stix-spekulatius with dark choc and coconut topping-$4.50

loved the spekulatius flavour. it's a spiced Dutch biscuit but tastes like chai flavoured. i actually don't really like toppings, and in this case i think the coconut was a bit overpowering, but it's included in the price so...the dark choc isn't sweet which is good. the flavours of the gelato are quite spot on (for the ones i tested), but tbh. i don't really like the texture. it's not as smooth as your typical gelato or creamy ice cream. this one has a more "grainy-ish" texture. the sorbet also taste like an ice block instead your typical sorbet. i guess it's the novelty factor when it comes to this type of stuff (: 

oreo toppings make it look fat. 

McCafe apple pie macaron

so the thornleigh macca's finally finished renovating, and we received some vouchers from them. one of them was a buy a large coffee, get a free macaron, and i've been wanting to try their macarons for years. so my mum pasts it in the morning taking my bro to school (yes, he's in year 12 and still can't drive, he's super lazy), and brought home a macaron for me (: normally it's $1.95, and obviously it's not that good. it doesn't have a nice crunch when you bite into it, and it's definitely chewy. it's not very flavourful either, especially compared to zumbarons. i still want to visit thornleigh's maccas. they've renovated it at least 2 times massively. it still remains my favourite maccas (lol, they makes me sound so fat), since it has the best playground equipment where as i child, you'd get lost inside. it took me over a month to figure out my way around it. also, i had one of my parties there (: oh, i used to go there a lot as a kid since my church is across the road from it. but after primary school, didn't go as often and now not all. i just want to go to see their decor. for a maccas, it's probably the classiest (if that exists).

did you know towers also have "cronuts"? they have them delivered from brew town newtown. also, does paramount coffee project make their own? i think dominique ansel the inventor of the cronuts which are actually trade marked doesn't have time to sue people for copying the name "cronuts." it's probably just to prevent the big companies like Dunkin Donuts from copying him, but he doesn't have time to sue the little cafes all over the world (#cronuts shows lots of places in the world have joined the bandwagon) since he's busy make real cronuts 24/7 in his own bakery. 

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  1. Of course you deserved to go out and eat, even more so because you had eight (!) exams and they were awful ones! Try to enjoy your break :)