Thursday, June 26, 2014

Passing will take a miracle

if you think you had finals hard, please think again.

8 exams. i died.

i am 95% sure i'll be repeating my 2nd year optom subjects.

i already had a head space going into finals that i will fail. about 20% people each year repeat. this semester, there were over 30 (out of 110) repeating from last year, and that's not including ~10ish people who failed first year. yes, they do have the power to fail more than a quarter of the grade if they want.

it is a sad reality. repeating 2 subjects means money and 1 year of my life wasted. on the flip side, it means i'll actually have time to study and it'll be (hopefully) more easier, and i'll actually have a uni life.

also, two 8am starts. and they are so bad. you get there at 8am to find out what time you'll actually be doing your prac. i guess i was "lucky" since mine were usually before midday, but some people get to uni at 8 then find out their prac is at 1 or 2pm, so they sit there waiting. it's still ridiculous even for me starting at 10am, waiting/stressing until it's your prac turn. they don't release who your partner is until you get there in the morning so you won't be able to test them out/look into them...

optom weightings-the confusing marks just for one particular subject i've been talking about throughout semester. it's 3 subjects in one since each strand us completely different/don't relate. like the only thing probably related is having to use you eye.

and did i mention that they don't scale? ): it's so complicated compared to visn/anat where it's just 25, 25, and 50% finals. everything in optom itself doesn't weight much, like there are 3 prac exams, so 5% each, then 1.67% of the whole course, but you have to get over 50%. there is NO SUCH THING as "making it up" somewhere else, you fail the tiniest but vital component, and gg, see you again next year.

especially out optom final, it was so pressed for time, didn't finish, and neither did a lot of people. 

but ahh, if i fail 2 optom subjects, i'll having nothing to study next semester. i think i can repeat optom, but repeating visn will be hell. and visn supps are oral exams-like asdghjkl. you have to know your stuff and tell her on the spot. and if i do fail optom, please-i don't want to repeat all 3 strands.

i don't know why my brain doesn't absorb stuff properly, or i just freak out in the exam.

if i don't get a supp, i know i have failed ): only gets supps if you're borderline passing or if you aren't as strong in that component, but ace everything else. too bad i failed everything so they won't even offer me a supp. like the colour vision practical, completely mind blanked and the examiner was just glaring at me and telling me to hurry up. argh, why? and then since i couldn't even do the practical component, she gave me all the hard stuff to analyse. and then for slit lamp, i had the lecturer as my examiner, and it's never good for the examiner to question your technique and then cut you off. both my partner and i couldn't even turn it on to start with ): also, they most likely look into your mid sem marks, and since some i failed and some borderline passed, they will probably not even consider me for the supp list. 

2nd year is technically the hardest with everything little bit needed to be passed. and for visn you have to pass the finals to pass the course. please, i'm relying on half marks. today marks the day where i woke up at 4am to study for an exam-i was literally that freakin screwed. less than 6 hours of sleep, but the other people got 2 hours. way too much content, and i felt like the stuff i study wasn't in the test. and don't get me talking about my other tests...well i did wake up at 10am the day before...but if i don;t sleep in then i don't have the energy/alertness to study. like on one day, i woke up before 8am, but i actually started dozing off at 10am since i didn't have over 8 hours of sleep...

seriously guys, i tried. i do study, it's just you need to study constantly, and with 4 hours of travelling time, 9am starts and 5/6pm finishes during semester and only sundays to study, i get about 1/4 of the time people living close to uni get to study. from tuesday arvo to thursday after my exam, my phone went from 100 to 75% battery, and i used my phone overnight as an alarm as well (i normally use my alarm clock). please don't judge me when i repeat next year. at least i can hang out with you more next semester since i'll only have physiology (provided that i do pass, luckily it doesn't state that you have to pass finals to pass the course...). at this stage, i don't even care about getting a credit wam by the end of 3rd year-i am praying that i get a supp. i studied, but i just wasn't confident that the knowledge stuck in my head. just so much ): 

after this jam packed weekend, i will start studying for supps next week-fingers crossed i get a chance to redeem myself, especially in the pracs. hence why i don't want to go out so much, or go out until the weekend. can't file my stuff away. no sense of relief after the last exam today. i remember last sem, it was  "yay holidays" but this sem is just a different feel. there just wasn't enough time to study this sem. goodbye my beautiful sem 2 timetable ):

it will take a miracle to get over 50%, and another miracle to not repeat. i have already told my parents i've failed my exams, luckily they understand.

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  1. the optom staff don't sound like very nice people

    I hope you will be alright.