Saturday, June 28, 2014

Magic Cake

the problem with baking from scratch at my house is that i have to make an effort to buy those ingredients instead of them already being in the pantry/fridge. we don't buy any milk apart from rice milk, goats milk and occasionally almond milk (not supposed to have nuts atm...), but you can't bake "properly" with those. also, we buy organic eggs which cost about $1 each, so it's kind of a waste using them in baking. hence, to make a cake, i have to "downgrade" to free range eggs (in between organic and cage eggs) and full cream milk. 

wanted to make this "magic" cake for a while (made it yesterday). it uses simple ingredients and it's the technique you use so it turns out into layers of cake and custard.

couldn't be bothered to wash this old cake tin so just chucked some baking paper on. someone needs to teach me how to fold it properly, haha

3 layers (:

since i still have an old hand mixer which overheats very quickly, i didn't fully beat my egg whites until they were stiff, more like soft peaks. also, i didn't have to patience to properly fold in the egg whites, so i think that's why the top cake layer is very thin whilst the middle custard layer is quite thick. the bottom layer is a denser custard. didn't put enough vanilla or sugar (so it definitely isn't sweet). it uses half a block of butter, but you can't taste the butter in it. i like how you can get a custard without using a water bath. ceebs creme brûlées with their water baths to bake the custard evenly without curdling. for the recipe, just google it. it's one of those links, lol.


  1. Looks amazing! Good job! Baking is pretty magical.

  2. lol i used to always make cake with soy milk and no egg, turns out pretty good