Tuesday, June 3, 2014

iOS 8 and Yosemite

more new features <3

i like the exclusivity of their streaming for their WWDC-have to have safari/apple related programs to watch it, not that i have time to watch it...what i love about the upcoming iOS 8 and Yosemite is that they are now more connected. like you can answer phone calls one your mac, and start sending emails on your phone, but switch to mac to finish off the email.

also, you can combine different iTunes accounts together. right now, our whole family is using the same iTunes account, so we can all have the essential apps without buying multiple copies on different accounts, the only problem is iMessage is received by everyone...so atm i'm the only one using iMessage, but by combining different accounts, we can all have a different iTunes but share the apps around.

heaps more features, but these ones caught my eye. i wonder how they choose a place for their mac programming. well they've continued the trend of places in california. i guess it has to have some significant natural beauty. it'll take them a while to run out of places...america is just so big...

anat test today felt better than last time, but was still unsure of some stuff, and looking back over stuff after, realised i did quite a lot of short answers wrong ))): i just hope i get a credit. still have to retain all that info for next saturday...

you know, i just hope i pass this semester, literally 50%, even though we have to get credit average by 3rd year...but i need to pass this semester first.

tomorrow at wynyard park you can eat cockroaches and bugs for free. click here and here
it's weird, i've always wanted to try "exotic" foods, but now given the opportunity for free, i don't think i could...

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  1. Those features sound so good! Good luck with your exams!

    Also, the bug cuisine looks so intense, haha.