Friday, January 13, 2017

KFD 2017: Cave Quest

Another year of Kids Fun Days completed. I wasn't originally going to help, but you all know what I was free this week to help out. Since I volunteered pretty last minute, wasn't a crew leader this year, but helped at a 'station' where the kids watched a movie and helped lead discussions. It's actually a bit less tiring since you don't have to follow the group of kids the whole day. Glow in the dark paint also exists, which made the walls pretty cool. 

Main hall


They had so many left that day...(they made like 10 boxes of these...)

Friday Feast

There was less children compared to previous years, so more manageable. The songs were more upbeat and faster this year as well. The kids learnt that: Jesus gives us hope, Jesus gives us courage, Jesus gives us direction, Jesus gives us hope, Jesus gives us power. 

It's the 7th year our church has run this program, and it's so strange to see how back when I first helped out, those kids our now helping out. I feel so old 😔

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  1. How encouraging to see that you've helped to raise the next generation of leaders!