Monday, January 16, 2017

Going to cure my heart ✈

Going to be MIA for 3 weeks. I have precisely 24 blog posts to do. 50% sure I'm gonna forget what I'm gonna write for them. Probs need to learn how to revamp this blog since I've had this layout for ages. Also, might actually start doing travel posts...I see how I go after I catch up on all those food posts...

I think even in 50 years time when I am probably retired, I'll still think back to what happened. Within the past month I guess I've been more preoccupied and dragged myself out of the house rather than sulking. Initially I had to either get dropped off at work or catch the frikken bus because I couldn't trust myself to drive...I think these things will die down but a tiny part of me won't forget. Probably a reason why I hoard so much stuff and take too many photos...

I would be lying if I said I'm fully over it now. Feel better but I guess still angry.

Thanks to those for reaching out the past few weeks-you know who you are! I normally just rant here because it's easy to do, and I don't care who reads it on the receiving end. Talking to people does help put things into perspective, and many insightful convos. Just simple gestures of kindness does help you feel not as down.

Travel to cure my heart. Probably not going to do a spontaneous trip in the future, but holiday planning with a bit of stress helps to ease the pain and make the days go by faster. Even though I'm going to blow my savings, I don't think you can put a price on life experiences to help not feel so low, and hopefully come back more refreshed.

I have a sore throat and leaving tomorrow. Please get better in one night...⛛⛫Time to escape the summer heat.


  1. Recovery happens slowly :) Travel safe!

  2. I know you feel crap but I'm proud of you for trying and hanging out when you felt like staying home.