Thursday, January 12, 2017


As much as I love a good piece of steak, pork crackling and my fav protein duck, I also love my veggies. I actually have vegetarian stuff for breakfast and lunch normally. From greek yogurt, granola, almond milk etc to my jam packed salads with avo sandwiches. I thought dinner vegetarian places would be hard to find, but thanks to Dandelion, there is an impressive list out there!

Made a booking on the day, but didn't realise they were so busy. We had to give up our table by 8:15pm, but the timing turned out to be alright and not too rushed. It's not very big, but almost all tables were filled. We got seated at the back in the courtyard, and there was natural lighting through the awning. Definitely felt very 'hipster' like.

glass bottles used for candles and plants

Kale and cabbage salad w/ puffed brown rice, tofu, konjac, fresh mint, black fungus, smoked mozzarella and a sesame dressing (small plate)-$15.50

That was one good slightly creamy sesame dressing, with good texture throughout. Flavours balanced well. 

San choy bow w/ five spice tofu, lotus root, beans, baby corn, lily flowers, peanuts and coriander (medium)-$16.50

The flavours are a bit more salty and sweet in this one, and more lettuce would have been nice, but a good twist on the traditional san choy bow. One of the favourites amongst the table.

Baked zucchini and roasted Summer vegetable w/ balsamic-glazed bok choy, parmesan, chèvre, finished w/ cranberry and Shiraz compote and almond flakes (large)-$18.50

That cranberry and Shiraz compote was so delicious, definitely tied the whole dish together. There wasn't much zucchini or other veggies on this, but I just loved the slight sweetness the cranberry gave to the whole dish. Another favourite from the table.

Pan-fried haloumi w/ ginger and lemongrass sauce, fennel, shaved rockmelon, pickled beetroot and endive (medium)-$15.50

Haloumi is very salty on its own, but with the rockmelon and bitter greens, the whole dish balanced perfectly. Couldn't really taste the pickled-ness in the beetroot, just tasted less beetrooty- which is a good thing for someone like me who doesn't really like beetroot.

Roast pumpkin w/ cauliflower and kimchi, crispy capers, cashew cream and pea tendril-$16.50

Another super smooth cream here smeared on the plate.Pumpkin cooked well, and kimchi wasn't spicy but wasn't sure of what this did to the dish. 


Definitely recommend this place even if you're not vegetarian. So inspired by all the dishes here, and proves vegetarian food can be both delicious and filling.

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  1. Sounds like a good place to try! Everything looks very healthy.