Friday, April 8, 2016

managed to see 2 patients this week (which most likely means I won't see any next week since I've had my 'turns' and no one ever comes for an eye test one wednesday nights). oh, on a side note, if you know people who want free eye tests, or don't have Medicare and want an eye test, come to our uni! it's freee. (yes, failed to advertise earlier, resulting in hardly any patients).

even though they weren't difficult px, still failed on the first one. luckily this rotation isn't assessed, so all negative feedback is good feedback.

the heartbreak i experienced this morning, turning up to 8am and lecturer didn't turn up. the lecture was on eye emergencies, and 8ams are all run by guest lecturers (i.e. doctors). guess that doctor had an ocular emergency to attend to and couldn't come to lecture...the notes looked really jam  least it forced me to get out of bed instead of wasting time sleeping...but sooo sleepy once it hit 9pm...

sometimes we have to go north short to Curl Curl, but overtime I go it's just cloudy weather and can't enjoy nice beach views...i did satisfy my burger cravings.

been failing my primary care quizzes as well...not good....

weekend filled with work and events. no time to study until monday...and exam on tuesday and friday #yolo

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  1. Aw man I've had the experience of turning up to an 8:00am and not having the lecturer turn up. Painful.