Friday, April 15, 2016

I survived. This week has been both short and long. It felt so long ago that I went to Black Star Pastry for a quiche on Monday...yet also not enough time to study. Somehow managed to wake up at 5.30/6am the whole week. I used to never be a morning person, but 4th year has trained/forced me to become one. You just have to wake up early since you can't afford to be late, and somehow stay awake for classes/clinic until past 9pm...Getting less than 6hrs sleep and surviving...even last year I needed at least 7 hours sleep

Therapeutics on Tuesday was so tricky, and it wasn't just me. Exam in the arvo and next morning we got our results back. Those speedy MC computer marking sheets. If only they uploaded lectures this fast. She hasn't event uploaded this weeks yet...Then today's MC at 8am, it was interesting since you could circle one or more options, and the bubbles were extra big, so my pencil was super blunt. Colouring 4/5 bubbles each question takes up a lot of lead lol. Also, the questions were displayed on the projector, so 100sec per question, and can't recheck...very different sort of style, but still much respect held for super smart opthal. Also, lecture rooms open at 7.30am, and he came before that time as well. So glad catching a 6am bus meant I can get to uni in 1hr 15mins. 6.30am bus takes 1hr 40min, and after that, the dreaded 2hr bus rides/stuck in traffic/waiting for buses.

Should catch up on other study/log books I've been delaying....

It doesn't help that MasterChef and GoT are all starting at the end of the month...and closer to exam time...


  1. Yay for surviving hectic uni weeks!

    Hope you're doing okay with all the travelling and work and studies.

  2. Reading your post makes me glad I have learnt to survive on 6 hour sleep weekdays since at least like 2010 LOL