Monday, January 11, 2016

World's Spiciest Chilli

So today we had our first quiz, and damn, totally regret working the whole weekend. Also got slammed by manager, and how ironic, more refunds yday....could and should have done better in the quiz, got more wrong than i can allow myself in this relatively 'easy' subject.

Back home i felt like splurging on junk food, and came across some samples of beef jerky in different   flavours. i had some the other day, but they were like original, honey soy etc so i knew they weren't spicy. this one i had was called Trinidad scorpion. later did i realise all the flavours listed on the front packaging were in the order of spiciest.

Trinidad Scorpian 

Put it into my mouth and it was indeed spicy, but i managed to swallow it. then the waterworks came, nose runny, eyes crying, fumbling for anything to alleviate the spice. ended up having: almond milk, oreo, yogurt, non-spicy jerky (i had ice cream before so couldn't have it again). it took 45min to reduce the spiciness to bearable levels. typing this almost 6 hours later, and i can still feel the spice in my mouth. during that time the spice could be felt down my throat and even pain in my stomach. world's spiciest chilli back in 2011-2013, now the world's 3rd hottest. found out after suffering through pain. the spiciness actually hurts the inside of you. well at least i can eat other chilli things and know the pain i suffered won't be as bad as today.

ended up using left over cream to make creme caramels. i think i know how to make caramel properly now, you actually have to put a decent amount of sugar in....


didn't make enough to fill the bottom of the ramekins =/ next time even more, but that means even more sugar....oh wells, it's a once in a while thing...

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