Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First day of summer school was very wet. Feels a bit weird wearing a jacket in summer, love the cooler weather but hate the cold. Started to watch Downton Abbey and ended up finishing 3 seasons in less than a week in between work and uni...So many things on my to do list, but I should actually study for this since it's a 2.5 week course with 3 exams in that time limit.

Had my first Aqua S this year, although I shouldn't have it as often now. New year means increased prices and smaller serving size.

Small: Match latte and tofu-$4

Unconventional picture of this at Macquarie, so no nice cloudy walls. It used to be $3.80. I guess they used that money to purchase smaller cups with print. The matcha was so good. Lovely hit of green tea and good amount of bitterness. The tofu tasted like a soy bean drink and was way too sweet for my liking, even though I like sweets. Luckily I had the matcha on top or else the tofu would have been too overpowering...

Hasn't really been a great week to start the year, but you can bet it'll pass by very quickly.

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  1. Aw the matcha latte and tofu sounds right up my alley but it does sound like it'd be too sweet! This is one of the reasons why your blog is so great - helps me to pick the right flavours when eating out! :D