Thursday, April 30, 2015

Over halfway (already!)

so much has happened since i was last on here. time has gone by so quickly, already over half way through this semester.

basically since last Monday, i've had 3 mid sems in between doing one group presentation, one assignment, 2 homework tasks. that stress. cannot handle. even if i'm doing 3 subjects, it was all just crammed together. the assignments are weird since everyone has different due dates depending on when we presented. had another group presentation around 2 weeks ago where you had to talk in the tutorial for a whole hour, so my group ran out of stuff to say, so literally dragged it out...unfortunately that means the assignment for us was due in the midst of mid sems ):

about 2 weeks ago i was still wearing shorts. and apparently it hailed the other day, i think hail is one of the worst, since all the glass shattering if it's big...=/ didn't hail at my place though...

that weather last week. actually getting blown over and pushed by the wind. didn't bother using my umbrella, and wore waterproof clothes-just missing a waterproof bag. had to go uni all those 3 super stormy days. monday: had one mid sem, and wow, the lecture room was all filled. normally there's literally about 1/5 of people who turn up regularly. tuesday weather was the worse. was going to skip since we had an exam the next day. about a tenth of the class turned up. that night was when we got texts to say uni was cancelled at night, which didn't affect me ): actually, if uni was cancelled, then we would have to catch up ourselves...wednesday: was on the way to uni for a lecture in the morning, then mid sem later in the arvo when we received an email saying that the exam was post-pined to next week-which sucks, since we already have an exam that week, meaning two exams in one day (yesterday). i mean, at least send the email earlier, like how UNSW told people at 6am uni was still on. the night before we received an email around 7pm to confirm that the exam was on. was super pissed. trekked to uni for just an hour of lecture in stormy weather. wednesday weather wasn't even that bad compared to the day before.

well yesterday was the day with two exams. the original optom exam i was planning to have the whole weekend to study for it, but the postponing meant i had to split up the time. didn't focus much on diseases and regret it now. i was expecting the other optom exam to be super hard, but it was ok. the disease MC i literally died in it. answers in the MC included some diseases, so in the answer if you didn't know what the disease is, you have no idea how it links to the disease they are asking. definitely failed that ): which scares me more since finals is 60% of MC, short answer and essays, and you have to pass the final to pass the course (no surprises there). the mid sem content was technically only 3 weeks worth of lectures, but the end of semester, my notes are going to be more than 3 times what i have.

it's weird, we had mid sems before the break, but now next week we have a final exam for half a subject.

haven't had a chance to talk about Belle Gibson/The Whole Pantry which has finally been exposed. i actually have one of her books, so it does feel like i wasted my $20 for her to just go on a holiday. i was a bit skeptical in the beginning, since how can you actually recover from malignant brain cancer/tumour, and look that good and be so successful? it pisses me off how she gained money from real cancer sufferers who tried to take another approach rather than traditional medicines. there are doctors for a reason, whom I am sure are trying to find a cure for cancer. her stuff was a healthier alternative to eating, but to go so far into her lie is just simply crazy.

personally, i think those from the Bali 9 should have had a second chance. as Happy Apple said, we have all done wrong, but it doesn't give you the right to take someone's life. they made an effort to rehabilitate themselves and possibly help other people...

a lot more has been on my mind...but I was planning to sleep earlier tonight (ie. try to sleep before 12.30am...)

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  1. MCQ can be so bad.

    And it's sad that people are so desperate for any other alternative, like that couple that lost their son to a traditional Chinese therapy. I hope no one missed out on real treatment because they were following her book instead!


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