Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dandelion's 20th

haven't studied/done any assignments since tuesday night since work and events at night, but I love parties, and couldn't miss this one especially since i didn't have work. last week had to miss out on a 21st because it was during the day ):

aww, Dandelion, you are so, so thoughtful, and love the effort you put into everything! so pretty and on point. didn't manage to get a picture of the cranes...hope you liked the presents! hehe. really lovely meeting your uni friends (:




i think Dandelion wins with the most consistent cake. so far, there's been at least 4 occasions with the tiramisu cake from the Cheesecake shop. hoping to see it for many more years to come! i'm one of those people who try to have a different cake each year, and order different stuff for my family. Connie's tart was so good as well! nice and surprisingly good bitterness. need to learn how to make good pastry.


haha, that one on the left...i've always wanted a polaroid, but the film is so expensive D=

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