Friday, April 10, 2015

Optom Cruise 2015: Disney and Animation

so after stressing about this for a few weeks, not being sure if the new manager would let me have the thursday night off, and giving a lengthy explanation about helping with something for uni (which to an extent i was), i went to the Optom cruise last night! i really wanted to go because it was Disney <3

after work, mad dash back home. it was super kind of my friend to come to my work to drop off the costume. i have no sewing/creativity skills at all. i think i got this from my mum since she can't sew either. whenever i had dance costumes which needed altering, or sewing sequins/ribbons etc, my dad would be the one with the sewing machine.


this boat was better than 1st year's cruise. didn't go last year since it was my "super saving money" year for America. this year more people went which made it even more enjoyable. there were unlimited drinks, it was only a tiny shot of vodka/bourbon in the soft drinks, which makes sense since alcohol is expensive. even cheap alcohol is expensive when you have heap of people...there was also pizza provided in the ticket cost. it was more of a game of "spot the waiter" who carried 1/2 boxes at a time on the 2 levels, and the pizzas were coming from a direction, but when you got there, the waiter already disappeared. so at first, it was so cray with everyone lunging on any slice they could find lol. music was alright, some weird remixes...the night wasn't too cold so could still enjoy the view (:

the theme also meant you don't really have to wear heels. i was going to wear 4+inch high boots, but then again, i was standing up at work the whole day yesterday, then work today and i know i didn't want to kill me feet the day after at work, so decided for just normal boots.i calculated the past 2 days i've been on my feet for over 12 hours. on holidays i was on my feet for more than 12 hours at a time, but i wore sneakers and you walked, which is different compared to standing and walking small distances in flats. no wonder my feet still feel tired...this also means i haven't done any study, and super screwed for exams and the group presentation that no one has started makes me even more stressed.

purposely slightly blurry photo-alien from Toy Story!

(so you can see the outfit without really seeing my face). the headband was handmade with felt pieces, and the pizza logo with the dots/bits and pieces were all individually cut and sewed on. also the material for the belt was sewed. costume making skills-on point. there were also aliens there that night, but they were in a onesie.

Heston ice cream!

because i didn't manage to get a booking at The Fat Duck in Melbourne, this is second best at the moment. Heston branded ice cream at coles. first saw it in the catalogue, and new i had to get it. it's currently $7 for 473ml (normally $9.90), which is more expensive than Connoisseur empire collection at $8.79 for 470mL, most likely because of the brand attached. i opened the salted caramel one today, and it is so delicious! the actually ice cream has a nice subtle salted caramel and not too sweet. if you scoop the actual salted caramel sauce, that it quite sweet and with some saltiness (and i have a sweet tooth) but it's balanced perfectly with real whole bits of nuttiness from the pistachio. even connoisseur King Cyrus of Persia pistachio (which i just polished off a tub 2 days ago) doesn't have whole nuts, only bits and pieces. the whole sized nuts in Heston are not massively sized so you don't have to chew as much compared to a big pistachio haha. will try the range of Heston pies (which sell for $30/kg), popcorn, sausages and different types of marinated meats when/if they go on special. in terms of woolies and their celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, i have tried his sausages, but the marinated meats are just not worth it because of the name labelled on it.

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