Saturday, February 14, 2015

this day has yet to mean something special.

actually got to work late today since i was trying to fix my alarm clock last night, but then it screwed up and didn't work this morning ):

thanks for the surprise visit yesterday Dandelion and Happy Apple! aww, so thoughtful of you guys. blessed to have friends like you. even only seeing you guys for a bit. yay for perfect timing! just got back from work and changed, then you guys arrived (before I left again).

yay choc roses

so like Happy Apple, my Opal card came yday. too bad i needed it in 30min from when i got back home to see the letter to when i had to leave, but it takes 60min to activate! damn you opal card activation. why is australia so slow in everything? it's actually around 50c more expensive for a single bus ride to the city, since it's just one bus to the city. only if i take 2 or more buses in one go it'll be cheaper. should still buy a travel ten for these single bus journeys only to the city....but just tapping off will take some getting use to...

met up with friends whom i haven't seen in maybe a year. green peppercorn again.

pad see we with beef-$12.90

it was way too salty. only reason i took a photo was because the sauce looks cool, but it made it really salty. i shared this with someone, so i only ate half, and it was still pretty salty. also had a pandan creme brûlée, since the last 2 times i was here i also ordered it's kind of normal now to order that for dessert here

the flower shop today extended it's opening hours (obviously). when i walked past my local italian restaurant, i thought it was odd that it was quite empty for 5pm. on closer inspection, i realised all the tables were reserved lol.

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  1. We were so happy to see you! We thought that we'd have to just leave the rose at your doorstep (like we did for everyone else) but you turned out to be the only one whose beautiful face we got to see :)