Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anita Gelato and The Potting Shed (The Grounds Take 3)

driving in the city in peak hour is the worst. buses going in and out of their bus lane to their bus stops, taxis stopping in the middle of the road, pedestrians crossing without looking. 

had to do some stuff today with mum in the city, but finally walked time to had for Anita Gelato, and first time going to Central Park. actually, we just went there for the gelato, no time to actually look around the shops. hardly ever pass this side of the city.

jumbo size: cookie man, blueberry with meringue, chestnut-$8

the cookie man flavour was recommended by that guy, and i do love it! texture wise, this gelato isn't as smooth as cow and the moon, and also not as flavourful compared to Messina. it was nice, but portion wasn't that big. the person didn't spoon it out nicely, that presentation =/

had to pick some stuff up and passed The Grounds along the way back. i've been wanting to go to the potting shed for a long time now, and i guess today was good timing since the grounds were closing up for the day, whilst the potting shed is opened until late. it's a different atmosphere, and i love the decor! menus on copper clipboard with hand tools, pottery-like cups, toilet with purposely rusting taps and looking super old. even more plants around the place compared to the normal cafe/outdoors.

Toiler's tonic-$16

description, as if i can remember all that

when you sit down, they confirm with you your at the potting shed and no coffee is served here. i think many people before have given up waiting in line at the main cafe then go here, but then are disappointed that there's no coffee. they have heaps of drinks here, and since it was hot today, i decided to try a cocktail. wanted something sweet, but kind of wish it was sweeter. the ginger beer was quite subtle, and the basil gave it an interesting kick

kurobuta pork belly sliders-$15

on the pricey side, but it was yum. the kim chi was surprisingly nice with that sour flavour and a good amount of chilli, well the amount where i can handle which is slight chilli and no water needed to give the whole slider a kick. for other people, you probably won't even taste the chilli in there. the crackling was so, so crunchy, and pork was soft, but not melt in your mouth. first time having charcoal buns, but lucky no charcoal after taste.

slow cooked grain-fed angus short rib with sweet and sour glaze, spiced eggplant-$23

the beed was so soft, but would have preferred if there was less fat on it. the sauce was amazing-not your typical asian sweet and sour sauce (obviously), but it elevated the whole dish. the eggplant was too charred for our liking, and would have liked more spice. did you know i use to hate eggplant. actually, i only eat eggplant when i dine out since just plain eggplant is still kind of gross for me. i love most foods, just eggplants was one of those foods i answered to "most disgusting food" when i was younger.

the potting shed is more pricey, and portions weren't massive. the idea is to share your food, so without asking, they gave us these really cute pottery/ceramic bowls. it is a different experience with the whole bar. even in the afternoon, there were quite a few people dining there with a few drinks. i think i still prefer The Grounds Cafe.

driving around the city and surrounding place, and going past all these place i wanted to eat in surry hills/newtown, but no time/place to stop to try something from places which i have been wanting to go for a while...oh well, the thing with doing a degree which is 5 years gives you more time to try out places instead of wasting money frequently eating out, if that makes sense...

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  1. Charcoal buns intrigue me. The black is almost intimidating. I think I tried a tiny bit from one of those buns in the Asian stores but maybe you need to eat more of it to get the flavour.