Sunday, February 8, 2015

Road Trip-Coffs Harbour

finally have time since last week to get this up and back at my desk. been working and going out at night since i got back.

last sunday was super stressful, finishing an assignment in between work and before i left on a road trip (which also meant missing out on the tennis)

managed to finish the assignment, but pretty sure i didn't do it right... ): goodbye much needed distinction. they also marked quite harshly for group presentations even though it's a gen ed. what was even worst was that i had to get up at 4.30am the next day to drive down to hurstville to lend my car to someone's mum so we could use their 7 seater (didn't even use my car in the end), so i couldn't stay up doing my assignment. also didn't want to bring my laptop with me, also didn't want to waste my mobile data doing the assignment. no wifi at a caravan park.

supposed to take 6 hours from where i live, but i had to leave the earliest to go south first. then over an hour picking up other people, then left around 8am, got there at around 6pm, so 10 hours, since we shopped and ate at newcastle and port maquarie as pit stops. newcastle was a waste of time since it's 1/2 drive detour away from the highway.

here are a few highlights from the week. most of the week was raining except for one sunny day.

pulled pork burger at newcastle. kind of dry but heaps of meat

microwaved then pan fried pizza from costco to give it crunch, pan fried garlic bread

to save money, people bought heaps of frozen stuff from costco. i had a car refrigerator and someone else also bought an esky to use to put some frozen stuff. arrived at the caravan park and turns out no oven. luckily they had a microwave oven, but still improvised with the pans. ended up not finishing a lot of food...well i did most of the washing, so have to commend the people thinking of how to cook oven food without an oven. mainly ate microwaved stuff for the week lol

i guess it's a different experience compared to renting a house. haven't been to a caravan park in a while since we haven't been camping for quite a few years now. the place was actually 1/2 hour drive from the main coffs harbour cbd, so it was quite peaceful there. 

wallabies everywhere

walking out to the beck from where we stayed

patterns (:

the beach outside our place was actually quite gross, as in the water wasn't clear

went trampolining and did some gymnastics there since they had some equipment. the place wasn't quite as big as penrith/baulko, but first time going to a trampoline place.

camel riding!

(don't judge if i look like i'm 10)

selfie with mario the youngest (10yrs) and tallest camel there

typical tourist shot

sapphire beach-the one sunny day

waves weren't that great so boogie boarding didn't really work. the locals there are really nice, letting us know there were rips and asked if we lost a phone. also went exploring at the rocks.

didn't take heaps of photos, just enjoyed the company and chilling or the week.

grilled barramundi and chips-$15
going back to port macquarie. i think this price is decent for a tourist destination.

i volunteered to drive the whole week. on the way there drove for 3 hours straight, same as on the way back. split the journey into 3 legs, and i did the most. i guess since i'm on my fulls it's faster to get to your destination faster. and the other car only had green p's but all of them didn't mind driving over 100 to keep pace with my car lol. if i didn't drive and since i'm short, i would be stuck in the back seat for the whole week-so driving is fantastic!

pho at cabra-$11

dinner after the trip since most people live near here but i haven't had pho at cabra before. too bad all the good places were close,d and this place didn't really have other viet food apart from noodles. will one day go back for a cabra food run in the daytime

thankful for a safe trip there and back and just spending time there with friends.