Friday, February 20, 2015

The Boatshed, Balmoral Beach

Happy chinese new year! nope, don't really celebrate it. had work last night, but i don't mind. i don't understand any chinese traditions...

anyways, got called to not work today. was planning to go to a bbq, but spontaneously drove to Mosman. I've been wanting to go to the Boatshed for a long time. my parents went a few weeks ago, but I had work that day so couldn't go.

basically it's kind of like the grounds, but sea-themed. heaps of crowds even on weekdays, and hard to find free parking. plenty of ticketed parking on weekdays, but not even on weekends. ended up parking up a hill, about 5 min walk because parking at these places isn't cheap.

love the view

you have to find a table first, then you go up to order and pay. there aren't a lot of tables, and each table doesn't have many seats. like you can fit around 2 more people on each table. on the bigger tables, it mainly seated 2 people each, but could have seated more. so it's a lot more spacious compared to the grounds. food is pricier here because you're paying for the view and location

mango smoothie-$8, cap-$4

wasn't a lot of mango flavour but still nice and thick. probably because mango season is ending...the coffee is nice for those who don't like their coffee to strong. love the anchor design. but i wished it was in a blue cup instead of red lol.

burger and chips-$24

this was super duper feeling, even though i had half of it (didn't even eat dinner tonight). the chips here are better than the grounds, and my mum prefers these as well. they're slightly more oily, but less brown and more golden. the potato melts more in your mouth. each table has himalayan pink salt and organic pepper! this didn't need any extra seasoning, and normally i don't add extra salt/pepper to my food, but it's such high class stuff here for a cafe, so i added a tad

veggie plate-$22

zucchini flowers!

it doesn't look filling, but it was. yay for zucchini flowers! not sure what falafels are made of, but these were a bit dry. luckily there was avo so it actually complemented it nicely (: doesn't look like a lot of falafel, but there was more than enough to dip the crackers in it. i think it's always interesting to try vegetarian stuff, since i don't have it at home, and it's good to cut back on the meat at times

open kitchen!

only saw 4 chefs working, but the food came out so quickly

burnt butter and vanilla cake-$6

takeaway is $5, but eat in is nicer. loved how it was actually quite a light cake, instead of a buttery dense cake, and not too sweet. the icing sugar wasn't that sweet either. had to have dessert even though we were super full since we did come all the way out here. apparently there other popular cake is their carrot cake, but not a big fan of that. 

mostly outdoor seating. luckily not too sunny today!

mainly the place was filled with young (but you can tell they were rich) mothers with their babies, grandparents with their grand kids, or non-working wives. almost all tables ordered bottles of wine. it's that view that you would drink to. 

what a massive house and waste of land space. houses here in mosman are pretty cool

all that land wasted for statue things. the house goes even further down, so it's quite big irl

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