Monday, February 9, 2015

Madang Take 2, Devon Take 2, Pressed Juices

dinner from friday night. korean bbq at madang. second time i've been there. i think service is better at night. love how there is more variety here. food delicious as usual.

$109 worth of food (with drinks). having beer with kbbq really helps to refreshen your meal

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dinner at home on saturday night-10 dishes in total. and then mum trying to plate up fruit-not too bad i guess since we never think about presentation at home.

my uncle got those chocolates from a first class lounge at the airport. the chocolates are from the Peninsula hotel, which are $30hkd each, or over $5AU since the aussie dollar haas dropped even more ): but the pinkish ones were the best, nice strawberry flavour

i've been meaning to go devon again since i got free coffee vouchers when they came to our uni middle of last year. finally had time to go today!

chai and large cap-$4 each

chai was really disappointing. only a very subtle after taste of spice, and too milky. the cap was quite nice, but both drinks were quite hot, hotter than your drinking temp coffee.

Naked Bruschetta: roasted pumpkin, pea & goat’s curd mousse, sage & konbu crunch, soybeans, pea tendrils, focaccia, 63C egg -$14.50
Little Lost Bread: brioche French toast, fresh and freeze dried strawberries, balsamic & strawberry gastrique, strawberry cheesecake ice cream, Arnott’s biscuit crumble-$16.50

hidden egg #eggporn

they were quite busy and it was a warm day, so by the time to toast came to us, the ice-cream was already melting ): prefer three williams french toast. there were more toppings here, but it wasn't crunchy enough. this one is more soft and got soggy faster. love the freeze dried raspberries, but would have preferred more flavour in the ice cream.

the naked bruschetta was definitely not your typical bruschetta but it was so delicious. the bread helped to mop up that egg yolk, and the japanese seasoning helped give flavour to the soybeans and pea tendrils. the green paste which we thought was originally avo was so yum. for people who don't like goat taste, this was combined nicely with the pea to give it a smooth texture, and was super subtle. i think we got lucky on this dish since there were stuff on it compared to people who ordered late than us...

i've missed Australian brunch! i'm actually quite out of it. did not realise until today devon opened up a new cafe, Devon on Danks

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also got my watch adjusted which i complained about in a few posts back...the very first reason i didn't ask a girl to help me was in case they recognised i didn't get my watch from them at their sydney store. well luckily that guy wasn't there to break my watch but damn, i knew my suspicions were right. the girl there was like "we don't have this watch." even though they sell over 50 maybe 100 watches, girls tend to have an eye for detail, and she recognised that watch wasn't from sydney or that model sold in australia. damn, but she helped me anyway with no charge. but after a while, you do tend to recognise if you sell this model or not. like in my store which is relatively small, we still have over 600 frames and 300 sunnies, and you do know all the brands and recognise which model of particular brands we stock. plus, fake brands are very obvious and no brands/super cheap brands from other stores can be detected since the quality is very poor. even with our cheap non branded frames, they have a sturdiness/quality over cheap frames from other places. so i can tell if the frame people ask me to fix is from us or not most of the time without checking the computer. i guess only at time i would say this frame isn't from us unless it's super obvious to the customer, since we still want to provide good service, regardless of where they're from so hopefully they come to us next time...but anyways, even though the girl said that, she was still willing to adjust it so all good.

pressed juices-$9 each

walked around and then stumbled on this pressed juice shop in MLC. i've seen heaps of these on instagram, but since this company is based in melbourne, it's hard to get access to here. plus, their shops in std are all in the city or eastern suburbs. i wasn't planning to buy any, but my mum ended up trying about a quarter of the flavours there (they have so many), so we got some in the end. these aren'y actually too expensive, i bought a bottle or pressed juice in nyc at an organic supermarket and it was $12. these juices are all raw and you can definitely taste the individual ingredients. feel so healthy after, but it comes at a cost

at this rate, it'll take forever to post about america. so, so busy, not actually complaining, i really don't mind work (unless you get difficult customers with questions hard to answer)

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  1. Your reviews are so good, haha. I've never tried french toast before so I should go to Three Williams!