Monday, January 19, 2015

Summer School

can't believe 3rd year already this year! unfortunately, optom subjects are only offered once a year during semester, but we are still allowed 2 general education courses. so the first one i picked started this week, and you basically finish the whole course in one week and no finals! hence why i picked this one. also, it's actually quite interesting, about nutrition etc. i love eating in general and making stuff when i have time, so i think it's quite relevant.

super hectic though, assignments, homework, readings everyday, but that's expected since it's a one week subject but still worth 6 units.

there's this app for a food diary which requires you to upgrade to iOS8 to connect with the apple health kit app thing. i guess it's time after a few months...when i have space...

still need to think what subject should i do for my 2nd gen ed. apparently all the languages clash with our timetables...and the easy business courses as well.

going through travel photos take so much time. will slowly write about travels if i have time. really hoping before uni officially starts that i can bake something-haven't made stuff in so long!


  1. How is a one week subject worth six units?! That's crazy! I second iced trees' comment.