Saturday, January 17, 2015

KFD 2015: Weird Animals

another year of taking care of kids, quite tiring but rewarding, plus the kids were so cute!

even though it's kind of a another week "taken" by helping out with church, i really enjoyed it, and this year was the least amount of volunteers. i guess it's the stage where people are already graduating and moving to full time work, whilst others are still overseas. last year there were 3 leaders per group, this year i was the only leader for 6 kids. so, so lucky our children pastor placed me with super well behaved kids who also participated.

the main points of the week were: 
even when you're left out...Jesus loves you
even though you're different...
even when you don't understand...
even though you do wrong...
even when you're afraid...Jesus loves you

could see where the budget cuts were made this year, like no popcorn during movie time...but i guess with the rising cost of everything (except surprisingly not petrol recently), it had to be done

main hall 

last day feast

animal cupcake

another week of over eating, but the kids morning tea is just so cute! each day they create something related to what their learning. the catering team did a pretty good job feeding all of us lunch as well for the whole week. 

so exhausted, not ready to start uni next week. my mind is still in holiday mood. so many things still to be done.

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