Thursday, January 22, 2015

Aqua S

Congrats to Happy Apple and your sister! so, so happy for the both of you! prayers do get answered, just sometimes it might take time (years), or in ways unimagined, but God really has planned out everything :) really happy about that news today. i knew you could do it!

on the flip side, made groups for group work...made my group with people i know, was about to leave then next minute a guy turns up when the tute was almost finished. since we were the smallest group, the tutor made him join our group. we already had things planned, why couldn't you join the other group which also didn't leave yet? it's not that i'm unaccepting to new people, it's just that people who turn up for 1 minute of the tute are those who don't bother putting any effort sand really on the group mark. well 4/5 is individually marked, but still, we have to share ideas with him etc. moral of the story, whenever you make a group for group work, leave ASAP before the tutor alters anything.

so, so sad, so i decided to buy some relatively expensive but good looking ice cream.

lemon tea and sea salt soft serve with fairy floss on a chocolate waffle cone-$5.30


waiting for the bus anyway, so decided to get this. it's not the most expensive soft serve i've had (there was one in america which was more expensive...) but i was expecting to pay $6+ for this type of "concept store" stuff. i think this store only opened on monday, and has flooded up insta since, so i decided to needed to try it out myself, and to cheer me up from the group disappointment. store is run by asians in case you're wondering...

it's actually really, really good! the salt is prominent but not too overpowering that you feel you are eating salt-and it's blue! love eating weirdly coloured stuff. balanced nicely with the slight acidity and some sweetness from the lemon tea. got more lemon tea here i think, but i actually preferred it like that. wanted to get something refreshing, so i didn't choose the biscotti. the fairy floss was completely unnecessary for an extra $1.50, but it looked cool. you could also get caramel popcorn, grilled marshmallow and popping candy for toppings. for all toppings in a large cup, i think it was $8.

kilojoules count skyrocketed after this.

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  1. Thanks so much!! :D You guys have always been so supportive of us :)

    And wow, that is one pretty soft serve :O