Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hillside Hotel

met up with a friend whom i haven't seen in ages! we both go past this place often, but never actually went inside.

$10 steak w/ chips! mushroom sauce extra $3, but pretty big, enough to share

T bone steak, but it was alright for the price. ordered medium rare, and she got well done, so it shrunk a bit...

so good catching up on travels! talked for about 3 hours. so good to hear what other people saw and yay for photo sharing.

need to start on my assignment. don't no what to write about D= the thing i first thought of is too generic and would be hard to specify stuff, then this other topic is also generic.

went to the dentist today, and the bill was about one way to america! so expensive! had to get this coating thing, which i last got in 2002 luckily it's not a yearly thing. wow, that money made in half an hour....but i could never be a dentist. so painful for the patient and quite gross for yourself, but obviously you would get used to it if you're a dentist...

have to go back again since i forgot to bring something ): that time wasted. but catching up today wasn't really a waste of time since i actually have no other times which we are both free

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