Wednesday, January 21, 2015

keeping track of what you eat is actually harder than you think, especially with asian dishes where a lot of things aren't measured. it's actually hard not to be calorie/kilojoule conscious even though the lecturer said not to worry about lol. impossible. she's actually a pretty funny lecturer oh, and she's a cat lady. randomly showing us cat pictures/photos/memes. i think Iced Trees would approve. everything we learn is actually kind of common sense, but the thing is i have no idea how hard they mark. one of our assignments allow use to choose what to write and how long. first time having no word or page count.

doesn't help i'm working on all three days of long weekend, then dinner on one night, and meeting up with everyone whom i haven't seen in ages even though it's due the next morning...ahh, might have to bring work to do at work...

main round offers out today! my bro does not set high expectations for anything, but at least he got into his first preference.

i now have no faith in that males can adjust watches. in a place which sells watches, how can you not know how to adjust it? last time i went to another store, the girl took only 5min, obviously experience at adding a link. taking over 20mins, then not making the links fit in properly, and also slightly scratched a completely new watch, as well as hammering on the glass cabinet when the colleague said not to and going all over the place with it. please, if your colleague asks if you need any help, just be a man and back off something you can't do! there's no shame in saying you can't do it, but it's completely disappointing to see a watch being "dismantled" by completely inexperience hands. all those places have special equipment to "stand" the watch when they hammer out the needle thing, so a lot easier if you try to resize it at home. also, how can you not know where the bags are in your store? and he was completely hopeless, 5 links on one side of the clasp, 7 on the other. so lazy at taking 2 off each side. need to go again to get it re-sized to make it equal, and i will definitely be avoiding him. after all that, i tried to keep my calm, since i'm not really one of those customers who make it difficult for the person working. even when i try to repair glasses which i kind of can do but not really, i still give it to my colleague to repair it. good glasses or watches, they aren't things which are easy to fix and not cheap to buy. completely hopeless. never again. next time i will 100% ask for the watch back and don't care what he thinks when i ask a girl to re-size it for me.

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  1. I think it's an important skill to be able to step back when you can't do something. Humility is valuable!