Monday, June 19, 2017

The Grounds of Alexandria Take 4

It's sort of become tradition that we take our overseas relatives here I'm sure I've been here more than 4 times, but according to my blog it's my 4th time here. This place has expanded so much since my last visit. They are slowly taking over the other factories/warehouses, and using that space for markets on weekend or parking on weekdays. I didn't realise they had more parking next door, and drove into the main carpark, then where the old Salt Meats Cheese shop used to be for parking. Apparently it's easier to find parking on weekends since all the offices car parks and street parking are emptier from people not working there, but still crowded at the cafe...


Still one of my favourite coffees in Sydney, despite the not average $3.50 a cup price.



Deconstructed Mocha-$7.5

First time having one of these deconstructed drinks. Yes, they are overpriced and you do make it yourself, but it's fun for the novelty. Pour in the coffee into the melted choc, then add in the frothed milk, top with sprinkles.

Chai Latte-~$6
Icy Latte: seasonal brewed coffee cold whipped milk-$7

The iced chai latte had a good hit of chai, the chai with spice rather than just being sweet. Icy latte was a bit sweeter than normal coffee, but a bit light because of the whipped milk. 

food spread

House Smoked Salmon on Brioche with charred kale, a soft cooked egg and hollandaise-$18

This looked quite interesting irl. Good amount of salmon on a lovely soft brioche. Loved the charred kale was a slightly crispy texture.

Grounds Brekkie Bowl: spinach, cucumber, avocado, other grains, hazelnuts, eggs, some dressing-$19

This is a seasonal salad, so I don't remember exactly what was in it, but it tasted very fresh. The metal bowl just reminds me of Korean restaurants...

Our Signature Avocado : Avocado, heirloom tomato, feta, pomegranate, za’atar, with The Grounds sourdough-$18

There's a lot more toppings added like pomegranate and za'atar, and more toppings added compared to when I had it last time. Not complaining. There's that bottom spread of avo, then even more slices of avo on top, yas to avocado toast and no home deposit.

The Grounds Big Brekkie: Serrano ham, smoked tomatoes, baby peppers, chorizo, roast pumpkin, avocado, poached eggs, labne and sourdough toast-$22

Another good favourite to share, although this does look a bit smaller than last time.

Maple Glazed Kassler Ham with tempura sweet potato & pickle sauce-$22

Interesting combo using some tempura. The ham was a bit on the saltier side rather than sweet. Yay for more poached eggs.

The ‘Ground’ Burger: Ground beef brisket, cheese, lettuce, dill cornichon and mayo on a toasted brioche bun, served with crunchy battered chips-$22

This has definitely shrunk in size, but the flavours remain the same. Love their mayo and crunchy chips. We even ordered an extra side of chips because they were definitely crunchy with good amount of potato inside.

Skillet pie-$23

I think this had slow cooked beef and pastry was nice and thin yet not too flaky. They have another pie now, but this sort of stuff worth having outside since can't make that pastry at home.

private room which you can see into the people making desserts

decor which like sitting in a rustic kitchen

6 for $36 or $7 each (from memory)
Pistachio olive oil, strawberry tart, raspberry cake + macarons, lime meringue tart, raspberry polenta cake with figs, Paris brest

The lime was was actually quite sour. I think we all loved the one with pistachio and the cake with figs. Really can't go wrong with taking some cakes home.

Red Velvet-$12

It was topped with fresh fruits such as half a fig, raspberries and a macaron shell. It's a decent size and definitely share it around. I think it's one of my favourite red velvets ever. I'm not a fan of cream cheese icing, but this was the first one which was actually not sweet. The cake itself had some raspberries jelly/sauce/actual fruit pieces, so more sour than that heavy, dense, chocolate red velvet flavour. Highly recommend.

Kevin Bacon is now so fat

Also apparently they now have some baby goats just last week, so time for another visit (just also need to check out The Grounds of the City first). The animals are perfect when taking infants here to see something different and an atmosphere not really found in Asia.

until next time

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  1. This all looks amaaaaaaazing, man those breakfast spreads look so good. And I will definitely give the Red Velvet a crack if I ever go, now that it has the Elisa stamp of approval!