Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Earth to Table

Vegan, healthy and delicious-really can't go wrong. This place was on my list to go ever since first year uni (just like many of my other places on my list to eat lol). I used to have a physical list 4 years ago, but the cafe craze kicked off way too fast that within a year I sort of ditched a physical list and just made a mental list.

Food spread

Give me beauty: fresh coconut mylk, berries, banana, macqui and vanilla to make you glow

Their drink menu is quite extensive, so I couldn't decide if I should go with a hot drink like a chai latte or which smoothie. I decided to play it safe with a berry based smoothie, which I tend to normally go for to 'compare' them between places. Loved the small details on sprinkled on top. It was probably a bit too safe since it tasted like other berry smoothies, just healthier with stuff added. It was thick without being too icy, and only a hint of vanilla. Maybe should've tried a cacao one next time, since even though I have cacao powder at home, I can never seem to blend it properly with other smoothie ingredients...The banana smoothie next to it was very bananary and quite thick.

Rainbow Seaweed Slaw: kelp noodles, beetroot, carrot, broccoli and red cabbage immersed in a ginger-miso dressing-$16.90

Super colourful and well dressed without being too salty, since it's easy to over use miso. Veggies were really fresh and had a good crunch. Interesting to see seaweed being used as noodles.

Kale Pesto Pasta: kale and zucchini linguini mixed with a superfood pesto spinach, rocket, basil, spirulina and hemp seed served on braised spinach with kale sprinkles-$18.50

This was my dish, and when it came out it looked massive with a large pile of pasta. I loved the crispy kale sprinkles on top. This dish was super filling, but would've have liked a more pesto flavour, and a bit less of the dressing since it ended up being quite oily (even though they used healthy oil), and I didn't really like too much of the acidity in it. There was heaps of spinach as well which helped to make this stack. 

Matching drinks and cheesecake 💜

Lemon and blueberry cheesecake: cashews and lemon blended with a blueberry swirl-$11.50 (takeaway $9.50)

This was unintended to make it match, since it sort of meant I can't try more flavours from the cafe cause the top of the cheesecake is pretty much the same mixture from the smoothie.. I definitely knew I wanted to get the blueberry cheesecake, because of the colour, although I also wanted to try their other raw desserts. I've tried making raw cheesecakes before, but my blender can't seem to blend the nuts finely enough to get a soft non chunky base, or the cashews being creamy.

I highly recommend the cheesecake. Not too dense yet still creamy without being too rich. There was a good amount of sweetness, but also a lot of zing from the lemon. The blueberries on top and berry layer cake it a nice acidity as well. Loved the chocolate and coconut cream spread on the plate.

I really recommend everyone to come here. Who knew vegan food could be so delicious?



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  1. I saw the photo of the cheesecake and was like 'I hope Elisa comments about the base' and as usual, you delivered! I have made nut bases before and it's turned out well in the past! Just gotta get a strong processor or it'll wreck your appliance.