Saturday, June 10, 2017

Taste of Freedom

I have to admit, it feels good (if not great) to not be studying for exams during STUVAC. At the very back of my mind I know this wasn't planned at all, but enjoying life and eating is pretty great.

Wonder Women storyline was pretty predictable, but I liked the detail in their CGI, and how they set a super hero film tied in with history. I normally don't like films in older time settings, but this was done quite well. Good sense of humour in parts. I found it just took a bit longer to get to the action, and the beginning was sort of abrupt. #girlpower.

Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty hilarious as well. Minions next week!

Although I bought tickets more than a month ago, I have somehow run out of time to plan. Working 5-6days a week then outings at night and research in the morning (plus trying to go gym so I can somehow eat 6 meals a day) is actually pretty hectic. Whole week getting max 6 hours of sleep. Goodbye sleep ins for the next month...So many emails to send/follow up, but no time...Again, it feels good to be productive. Missed a whole week of MasterChef, and since out from 6-7am then return at night after it finishes, then going on holidays, I feel like it'll be finals week by the time I get back. Oh how times have changed...even if I had late night clinics at uni, I would still somehow catchup on MC the day after, literally no time to do even that...

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  1. I'm glad that you have a chance to relax. It's great that you are seeing the bright side of things!