Monday, June 5, 2017

Ice not nice

Literally ice

From last Tuesday (well, Monday night) when it was one of the coldest Mays in years. This has never happened to me before. Normally even if the night is cold it's just a thin layer of ice and you can still wipe it off. On the right you can see my pathetic attempts at trying to get the ice off with a tissue, until I realised this layer was a few mm thick...

Fully blasted the heaters for 5min and only the bottom half was visible, so I was just yolo and started to drive, even though still couldn't fully see front or back, side was a bit better..but was running late. Took about 10min on full heat and blast for it to clear...never again...Although the grass looked like it was covered in snow and quite pretty...

I somehow don't have time. There I said it. What I thought I would have a lot of, somehow I don't have much...Working everyday before I fly off. No time to plan, what is this. Even though it wasn't a super spontaneous trip, it's still spontaneous when booked less than a month to go.

So many food posts I want to do before I leave, even a massive back log of photos I just want to post on Insta for fun before more food photo spam.

Not gonna lie but it feels pretty good to not study during 'STUVAC.' Went to Vivid the other night, and haven't been in years because it's always been exam times. So, so many people, back in the days when not many people went out at night, and they had free ferries from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour (obviously not anymore). They do have goo crowd control. Hopefully photos to come.

Whilst everyone out there working full time is saving for home deposits, I'm just splurging on travel (and avocado toast lel). I just feel once you get a mortgage, you're tied down for life (until you can pay it off). I have the rest of my life to work, and I know I won't have the time to go on holidays as much (even though you get paid to go on holidays), and my stomach space/appetite will go smaller somehow. Don't get me wrong, I do save and don't spend much, just when I do spend I spend more than the average person...I have to say goodbye to a $250 cake and another $250 meal this yr for my bday, since still need to save up after my Euro trip earlier this yr, and before I leave again...

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  1. Ugh yeah, my bank account is kind of concerning... I'm sure things will be better when we're doing legit work though :)