Monday, February 20, 2017

'The Gap Year'

i.e. bleak year

I actually do enjoy blogging since I can say everything I want and not care what the person on the other end thinks. I know a couple of people who still do follow this (shoutout to Happy Apple for commenting haha), but to all those other followers who come drop by, well you know I rant. Probably the reason I ceebs turning this into a proper food blog, because then I won't be able to rant.

Travelling did help put things into perspective. Cliche and all, the world is your oyster. There is a life apart from uni. Other goals in life, well, pretty much travel the world. Even with valentines single appreciation day last week, and if I were to be single my whole life, well then it's the perfect excuse to splurge without feeling guilty. It'll be another stage in life like now where I'll just deal with it, and life goes on. I can imagine if I'm allowed to take leave once I hit full time work and if I don't have other commitments, I'll actually will be ticking off bucket list destinations.

Clinic skills will hit rock bottom as they probably won't allow us to practice. Practicing on other students isn't the same as practicing on patients. Equipment will be covered in another layer of dust. Even if I did find another job, no one would hire someone for 3-4mths, or even give their precious business time into allowing a student to practice.

After 3 months, I think I'm over the heart break and heart ache. But as a I mentioned before, there will always be that part of me which hates.

I am not used to so much time. It is the complete opposite from so many years of education. Even back in primary school, I would have so many after school activities. I guess I am pretty blessed that my parents invested sos much into my co-curricular activities. Now over 10 years on, I'm just kind of lazy to do anything...It sort of kills me to be a couch potato for a few months... Time to train into a domestic goddess.

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  1. I'm glad. I sort of remember the USyd rejection pain, but it's very faded now.