Sunday, February 12, 2017

I really thought I escaped the heat, but looks like I arrived back just in time for the massive heat wave. Dying in 45degs. Still don't understand how people like summer. This weather 10 times hotter than what I was used to for the past 3 weeks. I never ever take naps, no matter how tiring uni is, but this weather forced me to nap. Couldn't even do anything, too hot to move. Even with air con, doesn't compare to 0 deg European winter. This heat also means ceebs properly unpacking and going over photos.

Overseas phone plans are so cheap. I sill have 9gb left on my UK sim card and good thing it can also roam in Aus, but how to even use that in 5 days...

It's weird to think how only recently I was in Iceland getting pushed around by gale forces, but I missed the wind so much driving back from church I ended up sticking my hand out the window. Felt so good. Missing the cooler weather already.

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  1. I find it good so long as the heat is dry. Humidity is the killer.