Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dessert Kitchen

This dessert cafe is actually based in HK. Even though I've been to HK multiple times, I actually haven't been to or heard of this cafe. Thanks to a friend for recommending this place for dessert, it was pretty obvious from photos that I would want to come here.

The menu is quite extensive and there a lot of staff making the desserts. They have parfaits, sundaes, shaved ice and heaps of asian style drinks. Decided to go with their most popular options. I would have liked to try more, but our stomachs wouldn't have been able to fit more in.

Blue ramen-$10.80

Look at that vibrant (artificial) colour! It's essentially flavourless gelatine, with some melon scoops and asian sweet potato balls with some milky shaved ice. The ice melted very quickly and wasn't milky enough. There peach syrup on the side, and you can add to taste. It's kind of messy to eat, and probably not worth the price for some ice and jelly, but it's a fun concept and kind of cool to eat artificially coloured food in a different sort of ramen.


Wouldn't mind coming back to Chinatown to try their other desserts. I hardly ever go to this side of town...
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first time having Emperor puff's

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  1. I'm so surprised that you hadn't tried Emperor puffs earlier!