Sunday, October 14, 2018

EyeBall 2018

I can't believe it's already half way through my last rotation. Only 3 weeks to go before 3 weeks to cram for 5+ years of knowledge. Help. EyeBall was three weeks ago, but CFEH has been so draining with at least 8.30-5 everyday. Or sometimes say behind till after 6. Even though you're sitting there sometimes doing nothing is tiring. Also somehow squeezed time to visit a rotating restaurant at O Bar and Dining, and going up Sydney Tower. Not enough time to upload photos. Haven't even gone through my America photos yet...

Decided to still do this post, since did it for all the other EyeBalls. This year a person in the cohort pretty much single handedly did all the deco, and it was definitely lit for the theme 'A Starry Night'. There were like lit up fake cherry blossom trees, branches, and a massive Eyeball sign. Held at the Hilton this year, so fancy again. If we didn't have sponsors, the tickets would've cost so much (at $100 each they're still not cheap). There was one photographer who actually took decent pics (well not overly exposed), but the photobooth this year was pretty bad. Photos weren't focused at all, hence I think that's why they never uploaded the photoboooth pics, but I don't mind. I like the instant printouts.



Food was pretty nice (I think at this rate I have over 20 places to blog about in Sydney, and let's not get started about NYC, Melbourne etc where I had 6 meals a day...) Yeah, the food blogs and insta posts can continue after I graduate. Probs only rant here on random things in the next few weeks. I don't even have time to review this food lol. They only had one choice of dessert, would've been nice to have 2, but maybe they compromised that to choose more expensive entrees or mains..

not your traditional creme brûlée 

snap chat filter

BW finally debuts on my blog (after over a year lol)

One of my fav photos of us. Thanks for accompanying me this year (and driving me after I had over 4 glasses...) It's different this year since no going with the usual optom crew, but going with this one was super special. Thanks for all you do for me, and also letting me crash at your place to save about 45min-1hr of bus commutes. Much appreciation and thanks. So lucky to have you in my life. 

No time for food adventures since here on in it's all writing reports/preparing to be grilled and trying to squeeze study in. 


  1. AWW I LOVE YOU :) thanks for being in my life and God bless