Tuesday, October 23, 2018

5 weeks to go until I'm free. Well, realistically 6 weeks since I'll probably get a supp. I mean, I only know of one person previously who has never sat a supp before. Almost everyone in optom has sat a supp for either something stupid, generally were sick, or they were nice enough to give a second chance.

The stress is kicking in (who am I kidding, it kicked in years ago). Sometimes I don't know how I passed the really heavy content courses like therapeutics or disease (still slightly salty about that one particular lecturer who everyone still hates even now from the lower grades who teaches almost useless stuff...)

I wish my brain could focus. It's been so long since I've used my brain for memorising stuff...what's worse is when you never understood some concepts back in 3rd year, or forgot all your anatomy from 2nd year, or simple biology stuff in 1st year...

Today the people forgot to roster me on to see a patient, so ended up trying to study, but ahh, it's just so overwhelming. Like where to begin. I feel like I'm going to freak for another week before I can try to study/finish off my notes and reports.

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  1. I feel this so hard... I am pretty worried about going back because my head's not in it, but God saw you through this and I pray He'll help me too.