Sunday, October 21, 2018

Centre Week 4

I can't believe I survived a month of CFEH, from 8.30 starts to 5-7.30pm finishes 5 days a week. Surviving doing so many visual fields...It does help to live temporarily at Epping, so I can get to uni in about 1hr in the morning, and about 1.5hr back home, so no need to stress about buses, and traffic on the motorway and car accidents and running for buses. Thanks BW for making food for me, truly appreciate your help.

I still feel like I'm not learning as much as I should be at Centre. See interesting pathology, but after NYC, the pathology isn't as crazy here in Sydney lol.

Almost finished writing my reports now. So stressed since only 5 weeks left until orals, and no idea how to memorise 5 years worth of content. Like as some stage I guess I memorised it, but I feel like the older I get, the poorer my memory becomes, so I don't even remember the basics, which is really bad. I guess the scariest thing is if you do miss something irl and you do end up killing a patient (surprise, surprise, the eyes are linked to your brain and blood vessels, so anything in the body can affect your eyes, hence a 5 year degree...)

Can't believe tomorrow is my unofficial last day of work. It's been 5 years, and I even made it to the list of people who've worked there for 5 years at the back of the work magazine lol. I feel like the next 5 years would also fly by. It's slow and quick at the same time.

Stress is getting real. I'm just overwhelmed as to where to start studying, let alone even start memorising. That sick feeling in your stomach of failing....I guess I have to remind myself, no matter the outcome, it'll be ok.

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  1. That sounds so incredibly overwhelming. I'm proud of you for doing what you had to do even when it can be hard to know where to even start.


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