Tuesday, August 21, 2018

257 Home Kitchen

I actually hardly come to Eastwood, so didn't know this restaurant existed. Came here with relatives for some Shanghainese food. This place is well lit, clean with modern decor, and staff were quite attentive. Not gonna lie, I don't really eat Chinese food out since I feel like places aren't really clean, in terms of food/table stuff.

food spread

names of stuff we ordered

didn't have heaps of soup, but decent bit of meat inside and skin was quite thin

love a pan fried bun with a crunchy base

I found it was really cool how they just get a live fish then add some batter and deep fry it, so that the skin ends up 'popping out' and can pull a part out and have deep fried fish. The sweet and sour sauce went really well with it. Would recommend, even though it's turning something healthy into not healthy at all...

Dishes in general were quite nice, well portioned, not overly salty and decently priced.

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  1. We went here a few weeks ago! I like your review of the fish. I will suggest it to my parents next time we go! I feel like we hardly ever order deep fried things (except for fries at Maccas because it's so much trouble to make your own fries) but since you said the fish is fresh, that's good (my parents usually think you only fry fish to hide the fact that it's not fresh).