Monday, February 29, 2016

Fourth Year

Can you believe we're in 4th yr already?! I know some have started working already, but I still can't believe how quickly time has passed. Technically we know more stuff than half of the whole optom students studying...Need to savour this non 8am start, since rest of the sem will be 3 8am starts ): And there's already homework...should get started on it

Since it's the 29th today, Benefit had a sale-everything $29 for 2 hours only. Most people know I'm not into make up etc, but this deal was just too good to pass (and I was free), and ended up getting 6 items. First time 'fighting' for make up. I got something that was originally worth $73, and it sold out before the sale even started since people were just holding onto it, and waiting until 12pm when they could process the sales. Bought other stuff as well, and ended up spending a day's pay...but yolo...all those super good deals.

Watched Deadpool in the arvo, and what a coincidence-my brother was watching the same movie, same time, same place with his friend. Legit thought he was just going out to the city, until I walked he was full shocked (so was I, and no, I didn't stalk him lol). It was a different Marvel movie, didn't get a lot of the references/inside jokes so wasn't as funny as other people have said...

Hoping to somehow catch up on blog posts before next week...

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