Thursday, May 16, 2019

Graduated! πŸŽ“

Finally graduated! 6 years of blood, sweat and literal tears. I can't be bothered to upload photos here, so refer to my insta post, or if you have Blair on fb, go to the grad album (thanks for the amazing edits Blair, since sunset lighting with shadows was shockingly bad). Thank you to all my friends, family and especially Blair for all your support. Would not have been able to graduate without everyone's help.

It was a logistical nightmare on the day, trying transport whole fam plus overseas relatives there, plus a night time graduation where the sunsets at 5pm, so limited lighting. Luckily could pick up the gown from 3.30pm and get some decent shots. Still can't believe both my grandmas travelled to attend. So thankful my fam managed to be able to find paid parking, since apparently some days the paid parking was all full.

There was a time when I thought graduations were overrated (maybe especially during my salty year when everyone was graduating, or friend who graduated 3 years before me), but then it is the only time in my life where I could celebrate this milestone. Research life isn't for me, so pretty sure I won't be graduating again. Salty days are over (I think). There was about 12 of us graduating with double Bachelors, and rest of the optom crew with Masters due to the course change structure. The 12 of us failed after we passed 3rd year, so couldn't get the Masters even though we literally did the same course, and same classes and everything. Stupid uni maybe still a little bit salty, but I guess having a double Bachelors means I'm still 'older' within the industry, since they'll know whoever is graduating with a Masters is defs a new or recent grad...

So happy with how the flowers turned out. They still smell so sweetly fresh 2.5 days later, especially since on the day I literally just chucked them around. Those big roses are so much more fragrant than the small roses or the ones we have in our garden. I love the sweetness of the rose. Although I don't understand how rose fragranced hand creams/perfumes etc are so sickly gross and strong of artificial rose smell....I actually hate rose flavoured skin stuff, apart from rose flavoured food. Now I can appreciate expensive roses due to their smell. Also understand why people buy flowers for their house even though a normal bouquet isn't cheap, but good quality flowers just make the whole house smell amazing.

It's such a sigh of relief to finally have that damn piece of paper and a fancy plaque (both of which I have absolutely no use for, since it's weird to display in the office since people will be like you're a new grad...) Graduations so much more high tech compared to like 2016 when Blair graduated. There's now live streams, can also download live stream, printout of on stage photo, and got to keep the grad cap. Although I think they probs charge us more for graduations now.

Coincidentally, day after I graduated, the store got a new sign with my name on it. So come find me for glasses.

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