Thursday, February 7, 2019

Beginning of a New Era

First day of full time work and I survived. I think the logistics of how 'full time work' is harder than I imagined it to be. Especially working within the company beforehand, my account/numbers and stuff hasn't transitioned smoothly into the new position. First day was daunting since it's like ahhh, no supervisors, everything is my choice, I get to prescribe what I think is best. I still feel like I need to restudy everything...probs on my day off. Stuff is already slipping from my memory after not using it for over 2 months. Guess I'm disappointed in myself at how slow I am at things.

I already predict I'm going to be one of those people who long for the weekend, especially when it gets busy at work. Still trying to get used to the whole flow of things.

Been thinking if I should continue doing food reviews. I still love eating, but sort of ceebs writing and uploading pics. I'll see how I go after settling in a few weeks since there's still lots of admin stuff to do...and emails to write...

Here's to 'adult life' and learning how to adult.

1 comment:

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