Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chilli Jam

First time eating in this area, and this place is along a nice strip with other restaurants. It’s pretty big inside with heaps of seating. Came here with BW’s church fam and ordered multiple dishes to share.

Green curry w/ chicken-$16.90

Pad thai w/ chicken-$16.90

Chilli jam sauce: Famous Thai cuisine, roasted cashew nut, assorted vegetables, stir-fried in chilli jam w/ chicken -$16.90
Pad see eiw w/ beef-$17.90

Beef massamum curry-$17.90

Decent pad thai which was flavourful without being too sweet. The pad see ew was already really nice. Green curry not too spicy and nice and creamy, The massaman beef had heaps of chunks of large beef and the sauce was really fragrant. The chill jam chicken and veggie stir fri had a more sweeter sauce so wasn’t overly spicy, but I had to stop after a few pieces. Still need to increase my chilli tolerance. 
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  2. I quite like Thai because there are a lot of dishes that are standard for Thai cuisine that you can use to benchmark your assessment of the place! A lot of dishes that I feel comfortable and safe with :)